Argos Phone Number

The retail business landscape is shifting as more people turn to e-commerce platforms to shop. The e-commerce sector has grown tremendously over the last few decades. It has brought about convenience and better user experience. Argos decided to be part of the revolution when it came into existence. It has grown to become one of the United Kingdom’s largest digital retailers offering more than 60,000 products online as well as in-store.

Being a tech era, shopping behavior is changing, and the shopping paradigm shifts whenever some parameters changes. There is a lot of competition in the e-commerce space. Argos leverages outstanding choice, convenience, and value to stay ahead of competition, while rooted in its brick-and-mortar business model. It would offer no value to online shoppers if there are is no variety of products to choose from. Mind-blowing variety of products and services available in e-commerce platforms makes shoppers want to shop around online and get the best-in-class products and services.

Argos boasts over 29 million store customers as well as nearly a billion online visitors every year. Through the stores and the online platform, the company is making its customers’ lives easier. They have everything for everyone. They have everything a family can ever need including Beats, Bose, LEGO, Dyson, Nespresso and Samsung, as well as exclusive lines such as Chad Valley. Their customers are their employers and therefore, whenever they want something, wherever they are, they get it, the way they want it. Argos has been able to provide the best logistics through their same-day Fast Track Delivery as well as free in-store Fast Track Collection services.

The company with a share price of 236.90 GBP has grown over the past years to have 30,000 employees, more than 60,000 products, more than 800 stores and more than 1 billion online visitors every year. It has also leveraged technology to transform user experience and even streamline its delivery system. With just a dial of Argos phone number, customers get all their queries clarified and questions answered.

The company strives to become the United Kingdom’s most trusted retailer, a place where everyone would like to work or shop. Since its inception, the company has lived up to its value system. It has always had a vast sense of social, environmental as well as economic responsibility. Argos understands that their success relies on the success of the society. The company’s core values are driving lasting, positive change not only in the United Kingdom, but also abroad. They are committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and they are working to be part of the solution to climate change, inequality and injustice as well as ending poverty. The core values of the company help it to make its relationship with its stakeholders stronger. The values have also helped it reduce operating costs, build trust, mitigate risks and attract as well as retain talent in a competitive marketplace. Argos focuses its efforts on where they can make the greatest impact. The company also believes that a collective action is the right approach to tackling global issues.

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