Barclays Phone Number

Barclays is a multinational investment bank that provides financial services to its clients. The company’s headquarters is currently located in London, United Kingdom, and they are operating on a global scale. The company is organized in four distinct businesses – investment management, wealth management, corporate banking, and personal banking. These core businesses have been focusing on how they can increase the number of people who transact with the company, thus increasing their market share. Companies and private individuals in the United Kingdom found Barclays as a reliable company to work with, while investors and finance professionals see Barclays as a great investment opportunity because of its surging corporate value. Barclays currently has more than 4,700 branches around the world, and they are operating in 55 countries. More than 1,600 of these branches are situated within the United Kingdom. The company expressed its interest to expand further, and open new locations across the United Kingdom.

According to the corporate history, Barclays started as a goldsmith banking business that was founded in 1690. Its primary operations were limited only within the City of London, but as more people developed an interest in banking, the company had to expand. By 1896, banks across English counties decided to form an alliance and become united under the name Barclays and Co. These former independent banks have become a joint-stock bank, and they are eager to conquer the financial sector of the United Kingdom. Decades later, the company started to operate nationwide, and they also expressed their interest in opening satellite offices overseas.

One of the most remarkable milestones from the company was the introduction of the first cash dispense in the year 1967. It was a new technology for the people back then, and this technology will be later innovated by other banks, leading to the modern ATM machine. As the company grew larger, it acquired smaller financial institutions in the country and investing in foreign financial institutions. Currently, Qatar Holdings is considered as the largest shareholder of Barclays, and the state-owned investment vehicle has been generating a lot of profit from the financial institution. Many people also see Barclays as a great investment option, and for those who are interested in working with the company, they can dial Barclays phone number which is posted on their website. The company can also receive inquiries and other concerns sent through their email address.

To ensure that the company is being well-managed, the executives have decided to divide Barclays into smaller business clusters and business units. There are two business clusters in the present – one that manages corporate and investment banking, as well as wealth and investment management, and another one that looks after the company’s retail and business banking sector. These two clusters are further divided into smaller units. The first cluster which includes corporate and investment banking, as well as wealth and investment management is divided into three units. The cluster including the retail and business banking is divided into four business units. This way, each business unit or cluster can be managed effectively, and issues surrounding each cluster can be discovered easily.

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