Currys Phone Number

Headquartered in Acton, London, United Kingdom, Currys is a leading British electrical retailer which operates in the UK and Republic of Ireland. It specializes in selling household appliances and home electronics, with 73 high street shops and 295 megastores. The company recognizes that as much as retail business is still rooted in the brick-and-mortar business model, the retail business landscape is shifting towards e-commerce. Therefore, it also has an online platform which provides goods ranging from appliances, gaming, phones to smart tech.

Currys PC World has built a reputation in a crowded marketplace and it has emerged as one of the leading retailers in the United Kingdom. It has established a presence throughout the United Kingdom and customers across the country can get their products through a seamless delivery system or even pick them from its stores after buying through the platform. Currys boasts the best customer service. Since its inception, the company focused on customer service to be able to serve its customers the best way possible and stay ahead of competition.

Currys offers a range of delivery options to its online shoppers. The options enable the shoppers to choose a delivery price and time that suits their budget. The platform can deliver products same day, next day or on a date you choose depending on your location as well as what you’re ordering. As a result of the company’s efforts to establish a seamless delivery system, 93% of its customers have rated its delivery service as reliable. This is an indication that Currys has invested in its logistics and it cares about its customers. Another perk that comes with a company running both physical stores and an online platform is that you can pick the product you ordered online in any of their stores. Whatever the size or weight of the products shoppers buy from the platform, Currys’ delivery service caters for them.

Currys also offers their customers an opportunity to recycle their old electrical appliance or technology. They help their customers to get rid of old equipment while delivering the ordered product. They do all the heavy lifting as well as disposal for their customers. When they deliver new appliances such as tumble dryers, washing machines, dishwashers and more, they get to take away customers’ old unwanted appliances.

Apart from recycling, Currys also offers installation services to their customers after they buy products from either their online platform or store. Additionally, if their customers require set-up and in –store tutorials, Currys is also ready to help. In the event your computer needs any form of upgrading, Currys also offers the computer services. Whether it is a software upgrade or computer upgrade, Currys helps people to keep up with the ever-changing technology and computer evolution.

Currys also supports their customers through the phone and whenever they have any technology frustration, they are there to help with just a dial of button. They are available 24/7, all round. Their freephone number is on always to enable experts to address any problem with technology their customers might have. Additionally, they can even control your computer remotely using “remote fix system” to guide you through solutions to your computer problems.

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