DHL Phone Number

DHL is one of the world’s most prominent courier services and they are a company that is most popular for their reliable deliver services and excellent customer care. DHL is a company that always goes the extra mile and as one of the world’s leading logistics companies, they are geared towards connecting people and improving their quality of lives. DHL is one of the main players in the global trade and their company holds a very important role and responsibility, to the market, their employees and the society. 

DHL has formulated Strategy 2020 which puts corporate responsibility at the forefront of their business strategy. DHL coined this as their Living Responsibility, and it concerns their approach towards creating economic, environmental and social value for their stakeholders in the planet. DHL wants to set an example and define what it meant to run a very responsible business.

DHL has always held up to a high standard when it comes to service for their customers. And their statistics are solid testimonies that back their claims of being an excellent company. They have currently shipped over 2 billion climate neutral shipments already and they are employing over 20,000 efficiency enhancing technologies in their road fleet. DHL also sources 62% of their electricity from renewable energy sources.

Beyond being an excellent courier service, DHL also holds initiatives that forward the philanthropy of the company and currently they are focused on the plights of the environment and of those hit by calamities. DHL knows that their platform is unique because of their global presence, which puts them in a position where they can help anywhere, they want around the world. DHL has GoGreen, an environmental protection program which is geared towards creating a better, greener, more environmentally responsible and sustainable future. Dr. Frank Appel, the Chief Executive Officer of DHL says that by the year 2050, DHL’s goal is to become zero emission logistics company – and they are set to change the game of the transport sector and help the world with its global warming problem.

DHL is also involved in disaster management and risk reduction with another initiative called GoHelp. DHL’s GoHelp works hand in hand with the United Nation’s Disaster Management Efforts so that they can collaborate on prevention measures. DHL can get airports ready for natural calamities through their GARD Programme, and because they work as a logistics company, they can offer efficient and quick logistics support when calamity strikes.

DHL also has the GoTeach programme, where they cooperate and collaborate with leading international organizations who are also dedicated to improving the education of the young people of today, most especially in more depressed areas. With DHL’s GoTeach program, them and their partners want to open up new and better opportunities for the young people who are in control of the future.

If you do have any concerns, you may contact DHL through their website platform or you may call them through their DHL number at 0844 248 0844, their number is best for urgent queries.

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