Fedex Phone Number

In 1973, FedEx, which is short for the more uncommonly known name, Federal Express, began their operations. The first night it was open, FedEx already had 389 employees and delivered parcels to 25 cities located around the United States. Ten years later, after its original opening, FedEx reached a huge milestone and made its first $1 billion dollars in revenue in 1983. Federal Express reached this high status without having to merge with another company or taking on any acquisition, and in only two more years in 1985, FedEx began scheduling regular flights to Europe and delivering packages internationally.

The now multinational courier whose headquarters were located in Memphis, Tennessee, began establishing direct shipments and other operations to do with parcels with Dubai, and at this point in 1989, FedEx purchased planes called the Flying Tigers so that they could expand their business even further and have a bigger presence in more international companies.

It took no longer than three years for FedEx to start offering overnight delivery to those European countries. 1991 began providing overnight delivery to different countries in Europe, Asia, and states across the entire country of the United States.

When the internet began taking the world by storm, FedEx was quick to jump on board and put their services on the internet. In 1994, was launched. This website allowed for clients to pay for their packages online, track their packages so they could see when the packages would arrive, and allowed customers to do part of their business transactions on the internet which made life easier on them. The web site was also a convenient place where clients could look up the FedEx number so they could call customer service and get any help they need. The year of 1994 was also the year that the shipping service achieved the certification, ISO 9001- they were the first major shipping carrier service to reach this prestigious standard.

FedEx was a courier service that offered a ton of firsts for their clients, and 1996 was no different. In this year, they became the first company that allowed their customers to conveniently process their own shipments online. It made the process easier for clients as it had everything, they needed in one location.

1997 came and FedEx launched a new facet to their international shipping services by launching a flight that went around the world. This made the shipping time to Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and other places much faster. The implementation of these flights also meant that they could now have transportations services all the way to India.

FedEx kept coming out with more advancements that made shipping packages around the world faster and easier. In 2010, FedEx opened a new hub airport, in 2011 they opened an eco-sustainable distribution system, in Belgium, in 2012 they were named the Business Superbrand of the United Kingdom as well as Super Eco-Airline of the year.

From its very beginnings all the way to now, FedEx’s main concern is how best to serve the community, and it continues to take strides to get better and better at doing just that.

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