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Virgin Media – The Viewer’s Choice

Do we watch too much television? According to some research, it is a very questionable subject. Namely, the average Brit watches only 12 channels from hundreds we are subscribed of.

OK … but that doesn’t mean that we watch less television. We are just limited to certain channels, just like on certain packages that have entered our everyday life. We mostly use packages offered by Sky, Virgin Media, and BT TV.

With the extreme appetite for streamed and demanded content – viewers have a wider choice than ever.

The Intelligent WiFi

Speaking of the streamed content – Virgin Media has recently announced that starting of the Intelligent WiFi. It will be completed with a Connect app, in order to raise the home broadband speed. Their ambition – boosting speed by up to three times. Intelligent WiFi has already implemented into the Hub 3 router.  It has several tools that help to improve the coverage automatically, at home with no need for boosters. Although, you can order them if you need it.

Numerous features included with the Intelligent WiFi, also include Band Steering, Channel Optimisation, and Airtime Fairness. Channel Optimisation ensures that devices can be switched to less restricted WiFi channels so it will reduce the interference.

Virgin Media claims that this could improve its service for 18% of homes.

Adapting With The New Rules

On the other hand, we have the rules. The new practice code allows consumers to break their contract without penalties if the broadband speed drops below the minimum level and the ISP has not been improved within one month. These regulations were formalized a year ago, but under the understanding that these new-coming changes will require ISPs to adapt to their customer service systems, retrain their staff and implement new testing. Customers can use the Virgin Media contact in case they have any questions or needs. In case they like to join, or they are new customers, in case they are experiencing an issue, or they need the information about accounts and billing, etc.

Virgin Media Grows Their Profit

Growth in broadband, TV, and mobile business – drove Virgin Media to some larger earnings.

For 2018, Liberty Global, Virgin Media’s parent company, has reported its revenues of $11.9bn, which is 2 percent more compare to the previous year.

Mike Fries, the Liberty Global’s CEO claim that the sale of their operations to Vodafone in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Romania, remains on the right direction to be completed in during 2019.

The company has already made a very fast advancement in the mobile industry, particularly in Ireland. The new customers subscribing to the “Virgin Mobile was raised for more than 63 percent. That number includes 81,500 of their mobile customers. Fries claimed their consumers are enjoying the great value, incredible smartphones and the best contract flexibility they can find on the market.


So, in the end, we can conclude the following: Carefully choose your service provider. Be well informed about the quality of their services and the packages they offer. Consider also the reliability of the companies on the market. Check their credibility, earnings, and estimates and reviews of the existing users. And then, you can go freely to your multimedia adventure. Virgin Media is waiting for you to come.

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